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Monday, November 18, 2013

Romance novel cover: an endangered species.

Dear Ladies,

I am not claiming this is the highest form of art...although it must be a genre in itself : the paperback Romance novel cover and "hidden cover". 

It is also an alarmingly endangered species now that kindle books usually just omit this piece of delectable morsel.

In the spirit of conservation (safe the cheese cover!) I made this video of  a series of novels by Stephanie Laurens: "the Cynsters" an all time favourite with domineering, powerful, handsome, mulish male characters. Devil's bride, the first and best book in the series has a terrible cover, mainly because the image of the Hero has a questionable appeal. See for yourself the offending art-peace at your left. 

I followed the suggestion of a fellow bloger and attempted plastic surgery using the likeliness of the model Christian Bonello
You can be the judges of my work in this little video. I wish I had better images for some of the stories, but even the new paperback editions of the books have sober covers these days.


And for those of you who want to learn more about these characters check out the author's page