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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The places visited by my heroines

As an avid reader of Historical fiction, I found myself lagging in actual knowledge of the events portrayed. With little time to spare I just ignored my own ignorance and pieced together the bits I was learning from the novels themselves, movies and the very occasional Google search.

Until I found an old little book in my local library with beautiful pictures of places I had read about many times. The author was John Goodall,  best known for his wordless picture adventure books for children. The setting was The Edwardian era (England during the Reign of Edward VII 1901-1910, and sometimes extended to 1919), but The images could have been from the regency (aprox 1795-1832) or the Victorian era (1832-1901)  because the way of  life had not changed much before the first world war. The fashion had changed of course, but not the places and the entertainments.

I  wanted to share my little discovery and made a small video attempt, using some of Goodall's pictures.

It brought be back memories about Barbara Cartland's Novels, were several "Gaiety Girls" were portrayed. The croquet game picture made me remember the Bridgerton family from Julia Quinn's novels. There was also a "rotten row" image, with horse-riding-heroine included.

 I hope you enjoy it.