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Friday, November 8, 2013

"THE" season

Dear Ladies,

We read about  "the season" in every other historical  romance novel. let me start by adding a little historical cartoon making fun of the marriage mart. Because, lets face it: this was hunting season at its best. 

The season started in the 17th and 18th centuries, and in its traditional form it peaked in the 19th century, ending at the time of World War I.

The English aristocracy would pour into their London Mansions a little after Christmas. The men would dutifully (or not) sit at parliament and the young ladies would formally start their social life by been presented to the King or Queen at court. After attending coming-out balls, charity events, dinner parties, horse races and the like the aristocracy and gentry would retire again to the country at the end of June.

Interestedly, it was Queen Elisabeth II who ended with the presentation at court in 1958. Débutante balls are still alive and kicking though.

Back to historical literature: I found an other little book by John S Goodall (see my previous post)  with what could be described as a step by step guide of what not to miss at the London season. I am very pleased with the resulting short video I can share with you: